Class and model

The sculpture classes include individual attention, tailored to the student's goals and abilities. Sculpture training begins first with the basic classical proportions, applying anatomy at the level of the student, and then moving on to personal style.

Art has movement, emotion, and commentary. The choosing of a pose to create these elements in addition to concepts of negative/positive space, balance, and mass are addressed in short lectures.

  • Individual instruction
  • Beginners to professionals
  • New sculptors are welcome
  • Experienced sculptors benefit from the affordable model

Athenaeum School of Art

Register with the school: 858.454.5872

website - Athenaeum School of Art

Studio: Map- University Heights studio,
4441 Park Blvd, SD CA 92116


East Village Studio

Register with me: 619-922-6191  email

15th and F - Jerome's Warehouse

1466 Fst. SD, CA 92101

The entrance is on the corner by the stop sign. Parking is free across the street.


Instructor- Bobi 619-922-6191  email

Private classes -Critiques -Group classes


Materials - Order in advance:

You are welcome to bring your own. Order from me the day you register, Bobi -619-922-6191

  • clay- $11
  • laminated boards - $6
  • tool - $4
  • Bring a clear dry-cleaning bag and, a black garbage bag,
  •  newspaper, and masking tape
  • armature when required

Email here ~ Get on the email list for upcoming classes. Questions or Critiques.


619-922-6191 -- Bobi Instructor

DEADLINE OCT 9 - no exceptions


OCT 16 - NOV 13 .   5 or 4 weeks

Thursday 6pm - 9pm
5 weeks- $175 plus $5 for PayPal
4 weeks- $142 plus $5 for PayPal
Snail Mail - call for address 619-922-6191

Beginners to Professionals


The pose - I suggest a standing pose without an armature. Open to discussion..


Jerome's warehouse- 1466 Fst. SD, CA 92101
Entrance at corner of 15th and F

1. PayPal with receipt or with Credit Card;  Please send ME your name, email and the amount you are paying ($180 or $145).
You will then be sent an invoice from Gary Harper and Azul fine art that will open in the email. Fill out the amount and method of payment, that is, a  transfer or credit card info.
2. PayPal transfer; Use the usual system of transferring funds from your bank or PayPal acct to Gary Harper and Azul fine art.
3. Snail Mail must be received by Fri Oct 9
>> Refunds only if class is cancelled


*Register by Friday OCT 9 and I will pick up your materials.

*Text 619-922-6191 or


include your name


Bring a clear plastic bag from a Dry Cleaner (or a white garbage bag) and a black garbage bag to cover your work.

  • grey clay for this class - $11
  • laminated board - $6
  • tool $4