sculpture class and model

Each student receives individual attention, tailored to the individual's goals and abilities. Sculpture training begins first with the basic classical proportions, applying anatomy at the level of the student, and then moving on to personal style.

Art has movement, emotion, and commentary. The choosing of a pose to create these elements in addition to concepts of negative/positive space, balance, and mass ,are addressed in short lectures.

  • Individual instruction
  • demonstrations¬†and casual short lectures
  • Beginners to professionals
  • New sculptors are welcome
  • Experienced sculptors benefit from the affordable model in the group classes

Private classes - Critiques - Group classes





Call NOW to receive info by email

Bobi 619-922-6191


Sundays 12pm to 3pm

$215 - 6 classes / $19 - materials


Live female model


Email here ~ Get on the email list for upcoming classes. Questions or Critiques.


Private class in your home or organize your own group of 2 to 5 people


Materials - Order the day you register.

You are welcome to bring your own.

  • clay- $12 (red or grey)
  • laminated boards - $7
  • tool - $5
  • armature materials -differs (reusable)
  • Bring spray bottle, dry-cleaning bags, a large garbage bag, newspaper, and masking tape.